About our Shanghai Adventure…

Shalom!  We are the Haimes Family… Gretchen, Yosi, Zachary (9) Rachel (7), and Addy the puppy (8 mos.) who moved to Shanghai, China in August 2013 for Yosi to take advantage of a wonderful job opportunity as Director of Service for Otis Elevator, China.  Not an easy decision to be sure, and very much out of our comfort zone of West Hartford, CT, USA.  But an adventure we felt we could not pass up.  And certainly an adventure we wanted to share with our friends and family.  So here it is!

Welcome to my first blog!  This feels kind of strange, writing for an audience.  However, I’m assuming the audience is pretty much just family and friends so I’m really just looking forward to sharing about our experiences in China!  I hope you enjoy sharing it along with us.

Let’s start with the name.  Xie xie, pronounced “shey shey”, I think, (or maybe it is “she she”, I can’t quite figure it out) means thank you in Chinese.  Shalom means hello, goodbye or peace.  My good friend Lisa Lanaguil and I came up with the name on a walk in West Hartford.  We liked that it encompassed so many greetings and combined two present parts of our lives, but mostly we just loved how it rolled off the tongue!  So XieXieShalom was born in West Hartford and now lives in Shanghai.



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